Global development process has been urban centric. Although the merits of eco-friendly urban development are well known and widely propagated, they are seldom translated into action as part of the actual development process.

The debate of environment versus urban development is a never ending one.However, in recent times the emphasis has been on adopting lifestyles that will enable us to not only achieve our development dreams but also reduce the stress on the environment.Some of the pressing environmental issues have been

  • Lack of availability of natural resources
  • Pollution of natural resources like water, air

In Indian context these issues are interwoven and incredibly complex making it difficult to find the right balance between long term objectives and short term profits.

Janwani believes that through research and analysis we can find innovative solutions to solve these problems. Strengthening of implementation mechanisms will assist in solving many of the environmental issues the city of Pune faces.

We have identified solid waste management as one of the key areas for work in the city of Pune. Our goal is to work towards solutions by adopting a collaborative and collective approach.By bringing together multiple stakeholders on a common platform and by ensuring public – private partnership, Janwani will ensure sustainability of the projects undertaken.

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