Smart Solid Waste Management

The smart city enforces smart solid waste management so as to prevent air, water and soil pollution, not to mention the foul smell, unlivable conditions and spread of diseases. It is explained in the diagram below.   Municipal Wet Waste Disposal Pelletization Process Municipal wet waste is treated as source of energy, by converting it Read more →

Fifth Pune Heritage Festival celebrates the treasures of the city!

Recently Pune was chosen by the GoI to become the ‘Smart City’. The project mission is to improve the quality of life and livability in the city by adopting smart technology to offer smart solutions to urban development problems such as solid waste management, mobility issues and governance etc. While transforming into a Smart City we would also Read more →

Rejuvenate Mutha River

Gone are the days when the rivers Mula and Mutha were clean and unpolluted… they were alive and flowing….now it has become a myth.  Pune was also blessed with rivers like Devnadi and Ramnadi. Unfortunately, Devnadi and Ramnadi have been vanished. Thanks to human interference, construction activities and encroachment. Mula and Mutha rivers are also Read more →

Combatting Garbage

At a time when Pune is weighed down by the garbage problem, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has recently passed a resolution of expanding the ‘Replication of Zero Garbage Ward Project’ in 10 more prabhags in addition to earlier 20 prabhags. Janwani is coordinating the initiative while SWACH is providing the waste collectors. The waste Read more →

Pune in the race of Smart cities!

Pune has always been at a forefront in all round development. Smart city is the one tag we will surely achieve. It will not only be helpful in raising Pune residents’ standard of living but will also be crucial in triggering investment inflow. I believe making Pune a smart city is responsibility of all. I Read more →

Let’s Make a New India

Urbanization is taking place in India at a very fast rate. National Commission on Population estimates that 38.8% of India would be urbanized by the year 2026, while UN survey says 40.76% of country’s population is expected to live in urban settlements. But is it possible to accommodate this migration into already overextended mega-cities? The Read more →

E- Rickshaws for Eco Campus

Mitigating climate change has become a global necessity. But it is quite difficult than spoken as it requires extensive planning and management for sustainable use of resources. Available resources have to be assessed and its optimum use should be planned. Eco-campus is a concept targeting zero CO2¬-eq. emission from campus. It is a prototype model Read more →

Continuing the legacy…

It gives me an immense pleasure to interact with you as the new Director of Janwani. First of all I would like to greet farewell to Dr. Kiran Kulkarni, the former Director of Janwani on his transfer and to wish him all the very best, on behalf of the entire Janwani Team for his future Read more →

PMRDA – A big step forward!

Janwani’s work jurisdiction is determined as Pune Metropolitan Region for direct interventions. Janwani team is always invited to share their experiences not only across the country but also in other countries. We are happy to share our experiences and views to other NGOs who are willing to contribute to their respective city’s development on the Read more →

PMC Budget Analysis 2015-16

    The world is urbanizing at an unprecedented rate and with this fast pace, the challenges posed by urbanization are increasing. Almost half of world’s population lives in cities and it has resulted in a great impetus to economic growth. However, in order to ensure sustainable planning, governance and public service delivery, cities need Read more →